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Qouldnt creates services centered around places, whether that be bus stops, events or scavenger hunts. We package these in a way that is easy to use and understand. Simplified for you.

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WalQ by Qouldnt is an app that offers competitive people to compete in general education with the help of a digital scavenger hunt where you must find the questions to show who is the best in town. Compete against friends, co-workers or even your boss.

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The platform for managing scout competitions. ScoutQ by Qouldnt enables digital competition management which have a number of great benefits for everyone involved. Compliance with local laws and regulations included, as always.

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ScreenQ by Qouldnt is the platform that helps companies, schools and households show relevant real-time information to their audiences. Show the departure table for the nearest bus stop at the entrance at home to squeeze every possible minute before having to leave. Show what's served in the school cafeteria or the local lunch restaurant.

ScreenQ makes it easy to find the the relevant information at a glance, administration as easy as a drag-and-drop, with options to make it truly yours.


  • Available globally, surprisingly local

    We make sure our services are available globally. The places you care about are important to us, of course we do our best to have those covered too.

  • Keeps you on the move

    Our services are designed to keep you moving, whether it be by providing necessary information or with activities that take you outdoors. There's always more to explore.

  • Simplified for everyone

    We always strive to make it as easy as possible to use our services. We won't always get it right the first time around, please do tell us if you find something to not be simple, we're humble like that.

  • Secure and private by design

    We follow principles such as secure by design and privacy first. We believe an insecure or privacy invading feature is worse than no feature.


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